Monday, November 7, 2011

Finger Paint's PurPLe PaLeTTe

Like sugar coated plums,
Purple Palette is
a shimmering November night.
It's the perfect purple
to those vivid Autumn CoLoRs ~
Burnt Orange, Rusty Reds, and Deep Browns.
Taking a break
from all the baking and cooking?
Look Hot by adding some
shimmy shimmy coco bop to your night out.

Like most GLiTTeR Polishes, 
it is thick
and can be messy to spread.
The top finger is 1 coat
The next is 3 coats,
and the next is 2 coats.
I wanted a bigger contrast
in the coats, so I put
the darkest in the middle.

I would recommend
adding a top coat
to enhance
the color and the glimmer.
It tends to dry flat.

I think this is my new November color.

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