Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fresh Lemon Bath Salts

I LoVe Lemon,
{as if you didn't know that by now!}
Everything about it:
The CoLoR
The Scent
The TasTe

I also am verra fond of Bath products.
Making and Using them.

This go round, 
I went the Fresh route.

Things Needed:
*1 Big Lemon, fresh but not cheeky
*Sea Salt
*Really Nice Jar {with firm closing lid/top}

Using my Mandolin Slicer 
[at the widest setting]
I cut 1 Lemon into these beautiful, lovely slices...

Place a layer of Sea Salt at the bottom or your Jar.
About 1/2 to 1 inch.
Place a layer of Lemon Slices on top of that.
When placing your layers of Salt on top of the Lemons
make sure the Salt is firmly packed to cover the wedges.

Continue til you reach the top.

Seeing as it is Fresh ingredients, 
I would use as soon as possible.

When you add the Salt to your bath,
throw in a couple of the Slices as well;
discard after use.

Wait til you get a scent`full~
Your Happy will tingle.

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