Saturday, November 5, 2011

PrisciLLa's EaRThLy DeLighTs

Purses are one of my quirks,
a mini~quirk of my major~quirk
The Backpack;
making it capable of allowing me to bring a caravan of STuFF
in one manageable, stylish piece.

This vintage purse is in excellent condition,
and begging for a day out for Shopping,
or lunch with The Chook Man.

{Priscilla says: It's never to early for LoVe or Cocktails!}

It's a solid, well dressed purse and
That chunky, teardrop lock screams attitude:
I'm a Lady, but I'll kick your ass.

It really is a LoVeLy piece.

I Could Be Good For You


  1. {Psych ~ Me too~ a lot of times, when I buy vintage purses and shoes I think of you and your treasures.