Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lemon Lemon Loaf from BAKED



This loaf cake is Super~CaLa.
If you, like, love, Lemon like I do, then this recipe is for You.

It's from BAKED, a boOk I was turned on to by a BettieBlogger.
I checked it out from my local library and this is the first recipe I tried.

To some the recipe may look complicated, but it really isn't.
Especially if you're organized.

This is not for the calorie concious,
this is for the TasTe Concious~
oh, heLL Yes.

Here's some tips:

Zest your Lemons first.

Trace the bottom of your pan onto the Parchment PaPer,
grease pans,
lay PaPer,
grease paper,
set aside.

Yes, that is 4 sticks of BuTTer.

Mix up dry ingredients and set aside.
Then mix your wet ingredients
in food processor.
Blend, Fold, Fill....

I used my Mandolin Slicer to thinly slice some Lemons
to layer on a couple of Loaves.

I couldn't stop eating the batter...

The makings of Lemon Syrup and Lemon Icing Glaze...
Verra easy.
For the Icing Glaze,
the recipe said 4 to 6 tbls. Lemon Juice
I ended up using 6 and it was a bit much tartiness.
I would go with 4.

These trusty Weapons of Mass Eatery
made the job easy and oh so smooth.

When baking, I set the timer for 30 minutes {second round}
and thought they might need 5 more minutes.

Next time, I will take them out at 30 min.
The extra time made for a crusty crust..
the less time will most likely give me the moister crust.

Let them eat Loaf.

Next up,
I really want to try the White Out Cake.
Maybe for the Weeblette's up~coming birthday.


  1. {Psych ~ If you like baking at all, even on a little smidgen level, you should try this. I actually had requests to make more!