Sunday, January 2, 2011

mY fAVORITE tOOLs ~ Flat Drill Bits

 Whilst making my Wooden Tiered Trees
I became good friends with my 1/4 inch flat drill bit.

I found it much easier to work with than a regular drill bit.
The sharp point at the end really helps a lot to steady the piece when you drill.
With regular drill bits, I always have trouble starting it, due to jumping.
Plus the holes seem more uniform.

In my set,
the 1/4 inch is the smallest,
so any smaller and you have to go with a regular bit.

I love to work with Wood,
and have been wanting to work
my way into Furniture.

I highly recommend putting a set of these Flat bits
along side the Regular ones.

They fit just like a regular drill bit into your drill, 
come in a convienent roll up case, 
and make the job easier.

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