Saturday, January 8, 2011

January ~ Capricorn the Goat

The Green palette has such a soothing quality.


Black Capricorn Day ~ Jamiroquai
The simplicity of this design is very appealing to me.

Detail, detail,'s ALL in the Details.

Being a big fan of journals, and leather {Oy! get out o' the gutter, mate}
I would not pout over this gift.
Looks like a nice sketch journal also.
Throw in some Rainbow Pencils 
and you've made someone verra Happy

nice in a nursery

Quirky~ when it used to get
cold enough to actually 
wear a coat around here, 
I was a big fan of brooches. 
They're like adult button pins....

  mary janes....nuff said.

~For real.

Capricorn painting ~ LoucheLab

Capricorn Necklace ~  Marmar

Capricorn Feltie ~ Nonesuchgarden

Capricorn Journal ~ GILDbookbinders

Capricorn Print ~ ParadaCreations
Capricorn Brooch ~ Merckwaerdigh

Mary Janes ~ Persephonevintage

Goat Figurines ~ Bdart

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