Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Make Up ~

 Rock On, Chicks~

I've been looking for a really great reason to 
wear this.
Now I have one.

I've been ADDICTED to
Black EyELiner 
since I was in 7th grade.
My best friend at 
the time had a black 
eyeliner pencil that 
she would sneak bring 
to school, 
and I would put it on in the Girls bathroom.....
and try to remember to remove it before I got home!

The one time I forgot, The Turkish Mother said
very little, and my stocking was full of make up that year!

Add to that little tidbit, that I absolutely ADORE Cat eyes. 

Now that the Womb Weebles are back in school 
{you can hear all the parents give a collective sigh of relief!}
I'll have some time to experiment.

Another fun make up toy I have is this lovely ~ The Luminess Airbrush kit.
Yes, Yes, my sister in law and My Self have been the recipient of many of my mother's insomina~cal QVC shopping sprees.
Although I don't wear base on a daily basis anymore,
this little thing is great for THOSE kind of parties.
I've only used it a few times,
but it does seem to give a really 
nice matte coverage
that looks natural and helps keep the
rest of the make up to stay put.
There's also this great little bottle of
Luminescent spray that 
I'm hoping to wear for the Ball.

I'm thinking maybe,
Raspberry Bite
Cherries in the Snow.

oh Darling, give us a kiss!!

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