Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sweet Jalapeno Pretty Mama, it's a GorGeouS Day!!

  Scenes from a Bike ride

Ja Sha Taan ~ Fun Da Mental

 Check out my mad bike~ridin~photo~tak'n skills, hOOkers!

Treats at Our Fave Java Joint

not for a Bike!

 "See how the Sacred Old Flamingoes come,
Painting with Shadow all the marble steps:
Aged and wise, they seek their wonted perches
Within the Temple, devious walking, made
To Wander by their melancholy Minds."
~William Butler Yeats
  Mardi Gras is here Biznitches!

Scenes from a Bike Ride musical

Boogie Shoes ~ KC & The Sunshine Band

It Ain't Like That ~ Alice in Chains

Disco Duck ~ Rick Dees {NO SHIT! it's on my playlist}

You Can Talk To Me ~ Stevie Nicks

Heart of Soul ~ The Cult

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