Saturday, January 29, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights

I ♥ Lipstick.

I happened to spot these 
while in a bit of a funk
and they immediately made me feel cheery.
Brightened my day right up!

First, I thought, 
oooh, a new color for Spring, 
gotta find a dress to go with...

Second thought, screw Spring, it's perfect for now.

This lovely shade here is Maybelline's {160} FiFth Ave. Fuchsia.
It Rocks on all kinds of levels.
It's a full cream lipstick so the coverage is great.
The CoLor is Brilliant. 
I've always had a thing for in your face pink...
it puts on this air of innocence and then bam 
punches you in the face with its' boldness. 


The second lipstick is Covergirl {335} Embrace. 
Darker  purplish color , rocks just the same.
Creamy, decent coverage.

Great night out lipstick. 
{Priscilla says: Cocktails !}

I've tried many many colors,
but I always come back to the Pinks.
These highly colored, bold pinks and purples
are so Punk to me.
Reminiscent of my teenage 80s days.
{minus the ironed spiked hair which I did not sport, not for lack of trying} 

The perfect beauty to compliment my pink high~tops,
or my black~mayormaynotkickyourass~boots.


  1. Oh wow, I love those colors!
    I want that pink one.

  2. {Psyche~ I thought of you and Vixen when I was posting this!