Friday, January 21, 2011

Resinated Animal Cracker Ornaments

This is another one of those projects 
that I stumbled upon from back in the 80s.
Only that project was using
clear fingernail polish to coat the cookies.
Did NOT work!

But I've always loved the idea of this.
and it's easy.
looks good
and can make a great gift too.

Animal crackers
Wire or pre~made hooks
Elmer's Glue
Wax paper
Wire cutter
Wooden stick, I used a chopstick,
or other suitable object to make a hanging rack
Disposable spoon
Extra Wire for dipper hooks

I like the idea of making my own hooks.
I choose a burgundy/purplish wire.
20 gauge.
Cut a piece of wire, then use the
pliers/needle nose to shape it.
You can see I did a square for the
attached part; loop for the hanging part.

Using your chopstick or other object construct your hanging/drying rack.
I have a double clip "third hand" that I placed the chopstick on. 
Anything will work as long as you make sure the rod doesn't roll.
Place drying rack on wax paper {or other suitable stuff like foil or glass} for your drip.

After creating your hOOks, use the Elmer's glue to attach them.
Let glue dry completely. If it comes off, redo it.

Quickly make some S shaped dipper hooks
{the metal bit that is on the loop end}
Attach one to each loop.

Mix up your resin, Make sure its in a cup deep enough to dip the cookie crackers.

I used a bit of wire in the hook to dip the cookies in the resin. 
Have a disposable spoon handy to pour the resin around the hook 
and coat the cookie thoroughly. 
Then you'll be stuck with your dipper wire attached to you hanging hook. 
Let it runoff for a handful of seconds and place on hanging rack.
Let dry for a day or two, then lather, rinse, repeat.  
Twice more.

I triple coated these babies. 
So it can take up to a week to get these done. 
You want to make sure that they are
completely hardened and dried 
so they won't stick to anything. 
sometimes they do anyway.
If so, Let them out in the open for a bit
and they should harden back up.

I also wanted to see how they would look
with the Priscilla Effect.
I used this monkey as my guinea pig since I screwed up the hook.
Honestly, I'm not sure. I will have to play around some more with it.

When they are completely done, 
you should be able to carefully repackage them in their original box,
or maybe create something out of an egg carton.


  1. Great idea. I think we're on similiar wavelengths as I've crafted some foodstuffs today. xxx

  2. {Vixen~ I love doing crafts like this. It's so rustic, and fun.