Sunday, January 9, 2011

Casey's Altar ~ a Painting

 Prior! to Christmas, Hipstercrite asked Her bloggletts what they were giving for Gifts this year. In my confident and overzealous contribution I warbled "I'm doing a painting and I'm three strokes away from finishing it"....meh. Forhead thump.

Now it is done.
I finished it yesterday. 

My friend Casey, big happy Queen that he is, 
is quite dear to Me. 

He is particularly fond of a College Painting I did 
{see below,no, further.....further, there at the bottom}

In order to push my Self to progressing in my Craft, and getting a portfolio together, I came to the conclusion that doing a painting for Him would be perfect. And it was. This is one of those pieces that I really am happy with. Of course, every time I look at it, I see this I could have done, that I should have done, yada yada.

But I knew for certain that it was done; felt it. 

So know, two months after His Birthday, a month after Yulemas, He shall be the owner of this piece that was made especially for Him. We always have these Spiritual conversations, so it wasn't hard to ask Him the symbols of things that were meaningful or spiritual.
From His List, this is what I came up with.

These are details that are my favorites:

Biggest challenge was using all that Green.

My most favorite detail in the painting is the Crow.
Using a really deep Blue instead of Black
rendered a beautiful version of the bird.

I was glad for the challenge 
and pleased that I accomplished it.

onward I go to the next one.

 College Art Class Project


  1. That's my new mantra. Push the Self, Progress the Craft.

    And the paintings! My gosh! They're fabulous! Are you painting lots and lots? I hope so!

    xo from India.

  2. {BB ~ Thanks! I really enjoy seeing your artwork too. Those flowers you did a few months ago were my favorite. I am doing lots of painting right now. I'm hoping to get one ready for The Venus Envy show this year.