Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mardi Gras Ball....

 well now, now that THOSE Holidays are over, it's time for the next set!!

it's time to get ready for Mardi GRas , hookers!
And finally!
After 5 years of being invited we were actually able to accept this year...

Now this is what a Holiday HoHo Queen lives for~
Fancy Dress,
Fantastical Make up
lots of fabulously delicious gay men.

Priscilla, with hand to heart,  waves a hanky with the other, she is overwhelmed.

Thanks to the Turkish MoM, I have a gift session {Full} at the Spa.
I must make an appointment with Alex for La Hair.
I have found my dress.
Already have the Make up
and am deciding on shoes.

hmmmm, that leaves.....Jewelry!

oh, the Excitement!


  1. I'm not surprised youu're excited, I'd love to go! Happy New Year, Darling! xxx

  2. {Vixen ~ you have to let me know if you ever make it to New Orleans! I really am excited,
    and thank you. Happy New Years to you too!