Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Treats

yes, on this great day back in the great year of 1967, 
Little KeLLy Ann came into this world, 
a bit after Midnight and eager to start the Adventure. 

And what an Adventure. 
Here we are 43 years later, and I see how I've grown 
passing things on to My Children...Tradition.

My oh so CooL Family gave me these two really beautiful plants.
Our local grocer had them, and I fell for those colors.

Loropetalum {pink}
Kerria Japonica {yellow}


I've planted them by the front door in front of my studio window.

The Turkish Mother totally surprised Me 
by gifting me a new juicer { for all those Lemon Meringue Pies}
I cleaned up and donated my old juicer to Goodwill.
and much to my LoVeLy Delight: my very own pressure cooker.
I'm forever stealing hers to make applesauce, and then forgetting to bring it back. oops....problem solved. 

come on autumn!

Those big ass eclairs I asked for, and I was gracious enough to share. 
They are from my favorite bakery.  

It was a great day....again! "}

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