Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Family in VinTagE..

I was inspired by a fantastic Blogger~Bettie
who goes by the name of
 The Vintage Traveler

Fuzzy Lizzie

to finally load some of my Vintage Photos.
{she has some great vintage patterns also}
She shares a fondness for old photos as I do; 
and their history is important to Her as they are to me.
I chose, simply, My Family.

The above photo is of a 3 month old Daddy's GirL, being held by said Daddy. I miss him terribly.
It was the great year of, yep, 1967! and a young 27 year old Turkish lady is living in Louisiana.

That little guy over there is my Little Brother. For 6 weeks We
are actually Twins.... I believe that is my 2nd birthday. I still have that Lady Bug dress, and had pictures of Baby Girl in it, on her 
2nd birthday. 

The Mother's Side:

My Mother's Father was a Doctor, University Professor, knew 5 or 7 languages fluently, and was very wise from what I was told. Teaching at University, he would catch students with cheat~scrolls, quietly take them, and resume his way.
That's him in the middle, during surgery. 
He was also a big supporter of Ataturk; my mother telling me stories of how he would give gold to support Ataturk and his vision of a modern Turkey.

This is My Mother's Mother. Unfortunately, she died when my mother was
only 10.  I really love looking at the photos of her and my grandfather. She came to Me in a Meditation one night several years ago. She gave Me a message for My Mother. When I told My Mother, She choked up; for apparently, it truly was a message My Mother needed to hear.

 This is My Mother, as a young woman growing up in Istanbul. She's got a talent for Fashion, and damn, She can sew! I truly believe that She could have been big in fashion. I totally adore those glasses. Her friends and she would do silly things like walk around the city, looking up, just to make everybody else look up.
 {she has two older sisters but I have to dig up those photos}

 The Father's Side:

This is My Father's Father....Sr. He was quite the character from what I've been told.
Actually fired Jerry Lee Lewis before Lewis became big and worked briefly
for my dad and him.

This is My Father's Mother.
Known to me as Maw Maw.
Many of the recipes I have are from her.
Most especially, the infamous
Chicken and Dumplings.
She always had one of those plastic folded rain bonnets in her purse.
She loved Butterscotch candies and Lemondrops {the real kind, hard candy rolled in sugar}
I was her favorite, I mean TOP favorite out of 9 grand-kids......She told me, and she didn't lie!

This is....The Dad. My love of v~neck white t-shirts comes from him.  He was quite the adventurous one. Many many stories
from his life. He once missed a plane on purpose for a WoMaN,
said plane crashed and there were no survivors.  As a kid, he tried to move a bee hive at night, cause someone told him, they wouldn't sting him then. They did. He did like to  look quite Spiffy when He dressed up. We named Baby Girl after him, Ray. I tell my family
that if he was still here, we'd call him Big Ray and her Ray~Ray.

The Fathers Sister

My aunt was beautiful when she was young. Its unfortunate that
we were never close, alas too much personality differences. We looked a lot alike at this age. She married into the Wilson clan {as in wilson jewelers}, and her and uncle george started with their own little store in their own little town, until the two boy cousins grew up and they opened a chain of stores called Wilbro.
Well, I am definitely digging the swim suit! 

And so you have The Family in Vintage.
More to come. 


  1. Cool pics Kelly the vintage hospital pic!! Thanks for popping in and checking on me...I'm feeling great these days & loving every minute of it! :o)

  2. I follow Fuzzie Lizzie also and find her finds very interesting. It's great you have these photographs of your family which you can pass down your memories to your loved ones.

  3. {altered kat ~ I'm so very glad. I know isn't that picture just amazing? I wonder who shot it...

  4. {marlou~ one of my favorite I bought from Fuzzie Lizzie's. McCalls 7747 ~ I want to make a day dress with a blue/white print, and then the pictured black dress in RED!.

  5. SO happy to have inspired you, KeLLy aNN!

    These are fantastic, and I love the stories behind each photo.

  6. Wonderful photos!!!Makes me want to go hunt some down!!Have a wonderful day!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  7. {lizzie ~ Thanks Lizzie, I really like seeing all the great things you come across

  8. {Cat ~ I have no doubt that You could do some wonderful work with those images!