Monday, April 26, 2010

Sirius satellite raDio ~

A few Yulemas'es ago, The Man bought Me a Sirius satellite radio.
I have to say honestly that I was a little miffed because 
I had specifically told Him, do not get Me that for Yulemas.
He did.
{I had my EyE on something else; now I can't even remember what it was!}

Boy did I ever put my foot in mouth on that one...
eVen Priscilla was wondering how I was going to have it removed.
This has turned out to be one of the best, top three for sure, 
He has ever given me.

I was hooked on the 80s for the longest, 
and then the 90s, 
all the while interspersed with 70s music.

I was Time~Traveling faster than Mcfly on the Starship Enterprise.

You can listen to forensic shows, 
comedy routines, 
unknown bands, 
country ~ real or that other stuff, 
what ever you want pretty much.
even Martha F'n Stewart
{she's got a pretty good sense of humor}

You can bring the radio inside and play it through your stereo.
You can listen online {although they did start charging extra for internet use/play which totally ticked me off}
and it really was much better before they merged with XM.
You can create Your own package of hand picked stations.

there's the All Elvis,
aLL Day.

What can I say? I'm a fan....

Sirius radios vary in price depending on what features you want.
Sirius subscriptions run about $13 a month {as I said, not including the internet...bahss~terds!}


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