Thursday, April 8, 2010



you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, ....
yep, daddy sang this to me.
yep, I'm a Daddy's girl.

Then there was the Yellow RiBBon around the old oak tree.

Now its a grown up Yellow......

Yellow ~ Coldplay

 Look at the stars
Look how they shine for You....

How enchanted, to hang a hundred of these little stars 
from the ceiling above My bed.

Yellow has always been my favorite color,
April {besides being the month I was born into} is just plain and simple, 
a Yellow month.
Flowers, Ice cream, a new dress.........anything.
Maybe even one day, a yellow Rothko!

These adorable wOOden Pendants 
would look great as earrings
{they are about 2 inches}
Especially with this white sundress I have.

Speaking of clothes, this sweater is just Delish.
Feminine, Bright, Versatile.
With jeans or even over the Sundress.
I would rinse My Hair in Rose water to add scent!

Naturally, there must be Jewelry!
I'm not sure I like this pendant as is,
but remove either one of the Stones
and its really pleasing.
The Wings are a great detail.

This is just cute! Bright & Shiny!! 

I honestly do not know what this tape is for,
I believe it might be for wall decoration.
{Priscilla says it would look Sugar Bear in Her kitchen}

THIS is the Darling of our down~the~Yellow~brick~road tripp,
Bags are one of My Quirks.
Along with Journals, Colored Pens, and Black Cats.
Though it is various Shades of Yellow
its Harmonious.
and besides, I like it.

I'm a sucker for Bookbags and Their Secrets!

Star Butterfly Wooden pendant

Star Shell beads

Mother of Pearls Heart Angel pendant

Flower Top

Tumsey Necklace

Clear lace tape

Midge saddlebag

{painting by Rothko}


  1. Yellow is my favourite colour! My birthday is March and daffodils start to come out so that's probably why. There are some great little things here, esp like the bag and the rose jumper!

  2. {minky ~ omg. There's this Yellow house a few blocks over that I am seriously wanting to move to. You must be late march? I Love that sweater.

  3. ooohhhh I'm feeling the yellow. That sweater and the book bag are mega cute.

  4. {jennifer ~ hey, good to see you! Yes, this YeLLow post was the best I think. That sweater would make a good goal to work on to kick start my crocheting/knitting lessons. "}