Thursday, April 15, 2010

R.I.P ~ Peter Steele

 LoVe You to Death ~ Type O Negative

Most of you probably know, cause, you know, I told ya 
that I'm a HUGE fan of Type O Negative.

How sad that Peter Steele is gone.
It makes me ache for those times gone by. 

October Rust was such a big influence in My MeMories, 
always in the background, playing.

The kind of gatherings & parties that make any day a Holiday.

Friends gathered, 
Clove cigarettes, 
Thumbprint cookies ~Homemade!, 
Magical times, 
New beginnings.
Happy Times.


Rest in Peace, Peter Steele.


  1. {Melissa ~ Thanks. Its like pieces of my life are drifting away when all these great memory makers die. If that makes any sense...