Saturday, April 10, 2010

Priscilla's Earthly Delights ~ 7

 Priscilla is Quite excited over one of this weeks Treasure finds!
Oh My.

This time around I picked up two patterns that were on My Favorites list
and one "ooohhh, I really like that!" pattern.

McCalls 3911 and McCalls 4304 had been parked on the Favorites for a bit.
Long Skirts are hunky dory in My boOK.
One good pair of jeans, One great long skirt 
and Your wardrobe is halfway complete
{ok, well, maybe stretching it with that one, but its close!}


The Wrap Shirt is just cracker jack, too.

I liked the 30s/40s feel this pattern had, especially the first outfit.
I'm really keen on that Print, too. 


                                       McCalls 6053
 I'm pretty sure I bought this one because I was suckered in with the art work.
{ooohhh, I really like that!}
It was the Blue outfit.
I'm thinking, Heavenly for the Beach.

From one of my favorite Etsy shops,
these BaBe~licious earrings are so CooL. 
If I was a flavor I would be Raspberry
These earrings just scream Raspberry. 
Plus, that's the name of them...Sweet Raspberries.

and so We come to Priscilla's Excitement.
These Brown Bag Cookie Molds, especially the Bird. 
Priscilla pulled out the big guns {bedazzled and all} and had to be SniPPy to acquire this one.
Upon finding a Holiday Project using this particular Bird mold, 
and deciding it would be oh~so perfect for next Yulemas, its was a done deal.
After weeks of Googling and Ebaying and poPPed up unexpectedly.
Priscilla went 'Mando;

The Sheep was just too damn Cute to pass up.
I am fond of leaving Sheep coOkies for The Santa Man on Yulemas EvE 
{and it was a really great deal on ebay} 

I have really long hair, and like the occasional pin up.
I think the Vintage Hair styles are great, most especially those roLLups.
On a recent trip to Sally's I grabbed this up to play around with.
I had a fancy one {properly called a SnOOd}  that I wore for My Brother's wedding oh so many years ago, and I loved it.
I guess the word for the day is "Practice"...and lots of bobby pins.

McCalls 3911

McCalls 4304

McCalls 6053

Sweet Raspberries earrings

Sheep Cookie Mold

Bird Cookie Mold

Hair net from Sally's.


  1. So many wonderful goodies...are the earrings made out of felt balls?I always wanted to try that!!Have a great day!!Cat

  2. {Moon~ Etsy & Ebay are my best friends! They make it great for a stay at home mom like me to still be able to indulge. The earrings are wonderful, that's the second piece I've bought from her. They are made of felt. This deep magenta. You have a great day too. "}