Monday, October 24, 2011

Bats for Class Projects.....

 With the youngest WombWeeble in Kindergarten now,
I get to start all over with the crafts projects
and that means GLiTTeR....sooo much GLiTTeR!

One of our favorite evening time activities
is looking for the Bats, 
on our after dinner walks as they come out for the night.

Coincidentally, the Kindergartners will be starting a unit on Bats right after Halloween.
What a great thing.

Black Foam
Clothes Pin

Using the Chalk, draw and cut out a single unit for stencils.
It makes it much easier when you have 23 sets you have to draw and cut.
REALLY sharp Scissors helps the cutting process a lot.
I wanted the Bats to be big enough to cover the Clothes Pin.

After drawing and cutting the pieces,
I gave them a quick swipe in the sink
with plain water and a sponge.
Then laid them on a towel to dry.

      Bats at the beach...

Once the pieces are dry, begin Gluing.
Body to Wings,
Wings to Clothes Pin.

Then the Fun.

Oh, Joy....GLiTTER!

 Bats have many straight lines that are easy for 
the Kidds to work with,
especially with Glue and GLiTTeR.
You'd be surprised, or maybe not,
how many Kidds don't even do this simple
craft anymore~

Here's to Kindergarten Art!
Long live the Inner Child.

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