Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dr. Bronner's Citrus Orange a huge ass bottle!

Wait til you try this...your whole body will giggle
and then say, "Thank You"

What a Wonderful way to welcome Autumn.
and this bottle is Humoungus!
{it was Huge, Tiny Elvis!}

First off,
Dr. Bronner's liquid soaps really do go a long way.
It took Me awhile to decide to purchase the bottle,
because at $17, that's a whole lotta for Soap.

Granted, this was for the 32 oz
{from Whole Paychecks, I mean Foods}
and  naturally, they didn't have the 16oz.
These are the prices listed on the site.
The 16oz is $11
 and 32oz is $17.
The bars are $5..
The Biggie bottle works out to a great deal~

It's cleaner as in less messier than the bars;
It last longer than the bars;
It's scent is stronger than the bars

The suds action on this is Fantastic.
It's a BuBBLe Bath for the Shower.

Even the Womb Weebles are enjoying this.
Bright and Shiny, pEEps, Bright and Shiny...
inside and out.

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