Monday, October 3, 2011

My "VinTaGe" Art....or work i've done in the past

Back in the day,
In a post~Howard Johnson's Cup o' Joe & Pie
and pre~Starbuck's Faaancy PaPer Cuppa era,
there was a really CooL thing happening, 
small local Coffee Houses were coming alive.

Directly meshed with much of the Art Community,
it was a very magical time.
People gathering,
Peace spreading,
Intelligent and Reflective Conversations
and a place to enjoy Artist's Works.

One of The Turkish Cousins, became the joint owner 
of such an Establishment.
Tucked into a brick cottage,
surrounded by greenery,
and a beautiful brick patio,
I found My Place.
My Heart literally was 24*7 Starbursts

The TC's vision was this:
Pick a bunch of Artist's Friends & Family,
give them a table top or two,
let them paint what they want,
resinate said table tops,
attach base...
that was serious Mad Vision skills!

 I was honored to be One of them.
Since the tables were never meant to be sold
I picked two of my favorite cards from 
The Inner Child deck,
Gaia and The World.
They were painted in Acrylic,
and later Resinated
{unfortunately, this is the only pic I have}

We signed our names as the artist
who did the table,
and it was the first time anyone
recognized my name from a piece of art.

once the business took off,
the other guy, who had majority,
kicked The TC off and out.
Shortly after that, they closed.
No one knows what ever happened to the tables....
I hope they found a nice place.

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