Thursday, October 13, 2011

Avalon Juniper by Pacifica...a cream perfume

I fell in LoVe with 
Pacifica's Winter Solstice soap 
{which of course, they no longer make.}

Pacifica does have other LoVeLy scents as well,
 and Avalon Juniper has been top of the list.

After trying the solid, I really started to enjoy the scent.
 Being an avid and eternal Patchouli Girl,
that says a lot!
It's actually a great companion for Patchouli.
Juniper is one of my Top 3 scents;
I love to work into my Incense Mixtures.
The berries look fantastic on Herbal Candles, too.
It's magical qualities are nothing to be scoffed at either.

The Juniper and the Grapefruit really do play each other up
to create this Delightful solid perfume.
I find my Self, sniffing my wrist constantly to get a whiff.

This scent is
warm and sensuous,
sharp and awakening;
A crisp, cool Night,
on a walk with your Honey...
 Sauciness in the Woods, baby.

it just smells damn good, Sha!

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