Thursday, June 30, 2011

Space Rock Crystals...

ok, not Space Rock, 
but definitely Crystals.
Sort of.

For Yulemas last year, 
the little Womb Wookies each received 
a Crystal growing kit.

Many moOns later, 
we broke open the box 
in our Secret Lab,
put on GoGGLes,
and proceeded to be 
Scientist on a miSSion 

Only the Yellow 
{which is appropriately this month's color} 
actually had success.

The Blue and Green, alas, were a flop. 
sort of. 
They tumbled.
The Womb Wookies had fun, 
that being the most important thing!

Next, we'll try Rocket's Rock Candy....edible too!


  1. Womb Wookies! I absolutely love Womb Wookies! Glad you all had such fun with the crystals. You are The Bomb, Mom.

    Thanks for your comment on "For Loren." I love the f word, too, and it so applies in this case. I understand that fried rattlesnake is quite a delicacy. Maybe we should have a virtual snake fry!


  2. {cj ~ you never fail to bring a smile to my face!

  3. Ohh.. These are like the growing crystals we has as kids. Fun!

  4. {Lizzie ~ My kids love doing them. I guess I better stock up on some refills soon!