Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June ~ Gemini the Twins

 "Do I contradict myself? 
 Very well, then I contradict myself,
I am large, I contain multitudes."
~Walt Whitman


 Yellow ~ Coldplay

Woods or Waves???
Either way,
make any Holiday a Happy one
with this chEEry bag!

For those really Hott Days
or those really Hott nights...
{and I'm not necessarily talking about heat outside}

 This would make a great TaTToo

Golden hues of 
Yellow really do add a touch of Bright and Shiny.

This style of Mary Jane is most appealing to Me.
Low Heels and Big Buckles.

Can't decide what to make? Make em both!
Chocolate in one,
Cheesecake in the other....

Where the hell is my Time Machine? 
I LOVE Yellow!
And I wish these pieces were Mine.
Allllll Mine....
omg, like, look how totally Happy the room is!
I already have the song list picked out.

Twins Print ~ Jodi Pham

Bright & Cheery Suitcase

Yellow Crinkle Dress ~ Eddie Bauer

Yellow Crinkle Dress

Vintage Nightie

Clip Art

Lovebirds Chandelier Earrings ~ GreenGeminiDesigns

Vintage La Sabre brOoch ~ TheArtFloozy

For the Life of Me, I cannot find where I found these clip on dangle earrings..

Saffron Mary Janes ~ Chelsea Crew

Pyrex Bowls ~  Swellshopvintage

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