Thursday, June 16, 2011

ChiLLBots Ice Trays

 They're heeerrrrre.
Chill Bots....the ultimate in Robotic Iceness.
I purchased mine through Amazon, new, for $5.50 each, 
where I basically got buy one get one free, 
since most of them run about $11/12 each.


Which is Blue Star terrific.
Now I have one for the Womb Wookies,
for trivials such as Kool Aid Robot PoPs.
And one for Moi, to resinate.
Just have to figure out
how to make a mold for a mold to mold kind of thing.
If I use the wrong resin, it will forever be stuck.

For now, the Womb Wookies are thoroughly enjoying Robot bits in their drinks.
Crunchy yumminess.

Two things to watch for:

*We had trouble getting the whole Robot out. 
The Hands and Legs tend to break.
I am not sure if this is a permanent thing or if my ice wasn't solid enough.

*BEFORE pouring liquid into ice tray,
place the ice tray on a solid flat surface {ex: small cookie sheet} 
that will fit in your freezer.  
Make sure you've got a placed cleared in the freezer before hand.
The ice tray is hella wobbly.

Now, go have some Fun!

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