Saturday, June 18, 2011

Priscilla's Earthly Delights..

 People know Me by my Hair,
My Scent ~ {Patchouli!}
My sayings~ Iiiiii feel Saaaauy~ceh!

I have found jewelry that says that.
Being a new fan of Sarah Coventry,
this is my first set, but my favorite.

Saucy by Sarah Coventry.

I had originally been looking for the brooch.
I fell in LOVE with it's Uniqueness.
That whole sideways, with a tassel, thing
reminded Me of my Why Be Normal sticker 
that I would place upside down on my car.
Then, in my search, I discovered EARRINGS.
A Set.
And it wouldn't cost me an arm, or a leg.
Which of course, wouldn't stop me from wearing them,
for those body parts would still be there

All is well.

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