Wednesday, September 22, 2010

FuLL mOon ~ September ~ Harvest moOn

  Harvest MoOn ~ Neil Young

No other lunar spectacle is as awesome as the Harvest Moon.

 aahhh, The Harvest moOn....
Nature's time clock to finish up the Work 
before it's time to settle down for rest.
October moOn is sometimes called the Harvest MooN
September's is the real deal!

It's the Full moOn closest to 
the Autumn Equinox,
when the Day and Night are most equal.

Called The Harvest MoOn by Native Americans
for that was when They harvested their Corn.
Farmers also work by the light of the full moon, that's how bright it is,
to get these harvests done.
This full moon carries with it the association 
of grains and seeds,
and rebirth.

Night time is really the best time to work.
All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.  ~Catherine O'Hara

Harness some of the Corn Moon's fiery energy for your ritual and spell work. 
This is a good time to focus on your spiritual and physical health. 
Choose things that you want to do away with, 
write them on a strip of blank paper,
and burn the paper.

Rub fresh Rosemary between your Hands
and then rub your Hands in your Hair.
umm, LoVeLy!
Rosemary is great for Purification, Mental Powers, & Invigorating Energies.

It's the time to harvest what you can now to put aside for later use. 
What sacrifices can you make today that will benefit you further down the road?

Open the doors and windows wide,
Rub fresh  rosemary in your hair
Harness some of that LoVe from your Honey....
and do your own dance by the light of the mOon

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