Friday, September 24, 2010

Father Guido Sarducci

Father Guido was my second favorite act from the SNL,
Rosanne Rosanna Danna being number One.

One of my most Favorite types of HoHo Gatherings
is the Viewing in the Velvet Lounge.
and yes, I have been known to put a Theme to My parties.

A couple of dvd's of your favorite comedians, 
a pot luck, 
and The PeePs....
You've got a party that's more instant than JeLLo.
{JeLLo to you too!}

You'll be quoting the lines to each other for weeks.

The Simplest Parties are the best stress.
Can't get more simpler than putting in a dvd.

Have a Happy Friday and gOOd Weekend!


  1. Hey Kelly Ann-
    I loved Father Guido too as well as Rosanna Rosanna Danna!
    Stop by my blog I'm having an awesome giveaway! Did you get those Halloween decorations up yet?

  2. {Melissa ~ I did! and we are doing our decorations tonight...the womb fruits are so excited.