Wednesday, September 8, 2010


September may be an odd month for the color Black,
but in my little "black" book! {wink wink}
its the time to prepare for the Party Season ahead. 
Classic Black....the go to for the gotta go.

Long CooL Woman in a Black Dress ~ The Hollies!!!

I've really been enjoying all these plastic flower jewelry bits.
Roses are my favorite. With a white dress or white button~up
this necklace would really stand out.
Black Roses are so beautifully dramatic.

I really do love wall decals and decor. 
I had Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,
on my wall as a little girl.
This forest wall decal reminds Me of Snow White all grown up.

Tea, anyone?

 of course, for all that stepping out, You need shoes!

  Casual and fun, chompa chomp chomp
Smart Casual, for that Lunch  or Movie Date
Snazzy! for the Date Date...just brings out the Sassy

Sheer is Sexy.

Here's something for you Animal lovers to up the Quirk factor! 
A Doggie Bag!
Anything TaSSLed, sends Me back to Childhood.
{that late 60s, early 70s upbringing}
This Tassled Choker is Naughty and Nice.
It would pair great with the Snazzy shoes and Black EyEliner...
and Nothing else.
I know, right?
I did say Party......


This is one of My All~time Favorite Black Eyeliner for Parties.
The lines are nice and thick,
and the staying power is really pretty decent.
worth the price.
I use CoverGirl's liquid EyEliner when I want a more permanent line
or if I want to do Cat EyEs...meow.

Speaking of Cat EyEs....
These CatEye sunglasses are a regular staple in The Accessories.
Along with my Wayfarers!
Cool and Hip....
Hello, Kitten.

If you must cover up, here's a Coat for You.
It's very long and that pattern is just Delicious.
 Oh MY My, Oh Hell Yes,
Got to put on that party dress....
Let the Festivities begin!

Step and Repeat Dress

Black Rose necklace

Forest Wall Decals

Black lace gloves

Monster Shoes

Mary Janes

Snazzy Mary Janes

Black Cocktail Tunic

Doggie bag

Black Choker

Bad Gal eyeliner



  1. {Jessica ~ aren't they LoVeLy? I could see them in a really dark red too!