Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bathroom Update

Finally, more work on the Bathroom Chronicles~
The Oldest Son's Friend, John, 
came over to get this sucker in motion.
and boy, did He.

He had the sheetrock up and 
the Pocket door put in,
put on the sheetrock tape,
and started the re~prep on the recessed Mirror Cubby.

The Glass Pocket door is another project in itself,
as soon as I finalize the design,
it's going to be Glass Etched!

This Thanksgiving will be 4 years 
since I pulled the first tile
from there and ripped it out.
an un~ability to find someone to help,
all conspired to drag it out.
Not anymore.

Next week, will be more progress.
The room off to the left needs new sheetrock
for the ceiling, due to removal of the old attic stairs.
apparently, whom ever PUT the thing in the bedroom,
has never seen the Exorcist!

That bedroom is also getting a pocket door,
and in the process, the old gas furnace will be removed,
and that wall sheet~rocked.

roll on, roll on, 

we will now have a second full bath
for all those Holiday HoHo get togethers and celebratories
.....happy camper here! 


  1. Love pocket doors! Congrats on progress. We are redoing one now and it is amazingly messy.

  2. {Marie ~ I feel for You! My visions of wearing the Golden Tool Belt were dashed...