Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Persimmons are here, The Persimmons are here....

 yes indeed.
Favor given.
Favor will be returned.

I was just whining yesterday that I wasn't going to get any
because my dear neighbor has moved.
{rumor has it, they might be moving back! Yeah!}

Oldest Womb Fruit says: What's that?
and viola!
My bag of Persimmons,
hanging on the door.

the Ripening.


  1. Every time I think of persimmons, I think of the Rose Wilder story "Little house on Rocky Ridge " by roger lea mcbride where she eats a green persimmon...
    "At first the taste was nothing—not sweet, but not tart either. It was just a bit crunchy. Then she felt a strange roughness in her mouth. The inside of her mouth began to shrivel. It turned dry, first cottony dry, and then as dry as dust. The insides of her lips stuck to her teeth. Her tongue stuck to her palate and a puckery feeling filled her whole mouth. It was the worst thing Rose had ever tasted, and it scared her. That fruit was poisoning her. ‘Ungh! Ungh!’ she coughed. Tears welled up in her eyes." soo funny!

  2. {Cassie ~ lol, and that's exactly what happens! That is how I figured out what type of persimmon I had...blech.
    but oh the sweetness when it does ripen.