Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brown Sugar cOokies

When making the Oatmeal coOkies
a week ago,
The BabyGirl asked
if they had Brown Sugar cookies,
and we found out,
yes, yes they do.

So we made them.
It's another simple recipe, and quite tasty in a subtle way.
It definitely tastes like a sugar cookie, with a hint of snickerdoodle.
Dark Brown sugar is used in this recipe
and I thought it would have had a heavier taste,
maybe similar, in a loose way, to molasses.
It's perfect with coffee, I know that.

Since we've started making our own cookies,
the Womb Fruits hardly touch the store bought stuff.

This is the recipe we used.
We rolled out balls of dough 
and then gently flattened them,
instead of spoOnfull drops.

Next time, I'm also going to double the Spices and see how that tastes.



  1. {Psyche ~ they really are great. And so easy!
    Let me know if you do. I wanna know how you like them~