Monday, February 6, 2012

The Shark...Vacuum, that is.

The Turkish Mother scores again!
We love Sharks at our house, but The Self loves this one even more.
Any good hostess will want her house to look nice,
and inviting when One is entertaining.
This machine makes fluff out of the dirt stuff.
I could like, do military gun maneuvers with all the parts.

It's lightweight,
has powerful adjustable suction, 
Basically I can knock out my whole house,
in an average of 30 mins,
and that includes using the hose for baseboards and doorways.

It breaks down into various formations
to make any cleaning a breeze.

It also came with accessories for cleaning pet hair
{with 3 cats and hardwood floors: yeah, we need that}
and this spiffy
Dust away Attachment
ooooh Faaaancy
which is really just an electric dust mop.

I use mine everyday, sometimes twice.
It is worth every penny The Turkish Mother spent,
and of course it's worth it to Me,
cause, it's mine!

HeLLs Yeah.
chompa chomp chomp...

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