Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February FuLL moOn ~ Notions, Potions, & a bit of Magic with OtteR

 February finds a lot of PeePs in a down home funk,
 especially if there's no significant Other.

No! No!
You really must learn to LoVe Thy Self first.

Full moOn baths are the simplest, loveliest, 
and round~all way to work a bit of Magic.
White is your round~all CoLoR; 
it's best for cleansing and realignment.

Pink represents LoVe;
not just LoVe for Others,
but LoVe for Our Selves also.

Honey is all kinds of LoVe
used to sweeten the pot!

{Full moon to new moon ~ waning ~ getting smaller}
 You want to make the binds and obstacles 
disappear, to shrink and fall away.

Pink Candle
White Candle
Roses {dried or fresh}
a spoonful of Honey
a Bath
Soft Tunes: New Agey, Nature, Harvest, 

plus a good imagination,
for You're going to play with Otter!

a bit of Magic:
On this FuLL mOon night, 
prepare a bath.
Fill your bath with warm water, 
add the Roses and Honey
let it sit for a few minutes to dissolve.
Light the Candle{s}.
Start music.

Submerse your Self in the water.
Chill and visualize.
Steady your Breathe,
making the breathing
rhythmic and comfortably slow.
Concentrate on your breathing
and as you do,
visualize your Self
by a lake.

Otter comes to you and invites
you into the water.
There is no Fear.
Take a fun filled adventure with Otter, 
relax, and let the truth come to you.

Visualize play time with Otter.
Dashing and swirling through the Water,
floating on Your back,
energy begets energy.
You need to become a playful child
to stop your addiction to worrying.
Worrying puts up those obstacles.

Let the Roses infuse you with LoVe
Let the Honey sweeten the energy,
both inwardly and outwardly.
You can then visualize all this energy
into actual energy 
to accomplish your goals.

Otter also helps you see truth.
Be Honest with your Self
and many obstacles have a way
of working them Selves out.

Being serious doesn't mean letting go of the fun.
Being wise knows when you need to have fun. 

Bring your play time to an end.
As you walk onto shore
Say a word of thanks, 
and put your new energy to good use.

Rinse off in cool water and feel the newness! 

Hear, See, Speak No Evil Otters
by Rosie Arathoon, Grade 9

meditation property of The Holiday HoHo Queen. Please give credit if reposted.

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