Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rocky Road candy

 Dillard's had a Candy Counter upstairs with THE Best!
Heavenly Hash.

It was a sad day in KeLLy's Frontier
when that Candy Counter
was no more.
Of course, Elmer's Heavenly Hash is an adored childhood Spring treat.

First, it started as just finding a recipe for the candy.
Then, it was
"hey, Family Tradition"
{you're singing it, you know you are}

and this is the result.

Here is where it goes from
Heavenly Hash 
Rocky Road.

The taste was awesome.
But it did remind me of RR, minus the ice cream.
In fact, this would be perfect as a base in an Ice Cream Sundae.

Very Simple too.

Bag of Miniature MarshMaLLows
Bag of Chocolate Morsels ~ used semi sweet
1 1/2 cups of Nuts ~ I used Almonds
1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
2 tbls. BuTTer
Dash of Vanilla

Coarsely chop the nuts.
You want the bigger pieces, 
so a few pulses should do it.
I also took the biGGer pieces out
before putting it into the mixture.
Mostly for a cleaner look.

Using a double boil, 
melt your bag of chocolate morsels.
Add the BuTTer to help smooth it.

Slowly whisk in the Condensed Milk.

Mix in the Nuts and Miniature MarshMaLLows,
coating quickly and thoroughly;
Press into a lightly buttered dish.
Eat and Enjoy.

Although, The Family Mine really enjoyed this Candy,
it is not quite what I was envisioning.
I've already figured out where to go next,
and am quite looking forward to giving it a whirl!

Here is the recipe:,177,144183-243197,00.html

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