Monday, April 25, 2011

Redbone ~ RIP Lolly Vegas

Well, hell.
I just found out
that one of my favorite singers
passed away in March.

LoLLy Vegas of Redbone

I discovered Redbone thanks to a
Time Life Magazine DOUBLE 8~track! set
that we had in the 70s.
You know, when they made REAL music.
I still have one of them,
unfortunately not the best one
which had Redbone on it.

Witch Queen of New Orleans
became my 8 year old Self's theme song.
It invokes international memories for me,
while bouncing from one country to another.

With "Adulthood"
came an altogether higher appreciation
of Redbone and his music.

When music download programs became popular,
it was one of the first songs I downloaded.

Redbone's other big hit,
Come and Get Your LoVe,
will get the whole family groovin.

This song warrants nothing less
than Universe reaching levels of sound~ NOTHING LESS.

I would consider putting speakers on Priscilla~mobile,
just to ride around and listen to this.

I would just like to say, thank you Redbone,
for some groovy~licious memories.
And you are just damn fine!
See you on the flip side.

Come and Get Your LoVe

Witch QuEEn of New Orleans 
Write Me, Baby ~ Pat and Lolly Vegas



  1. Thanks for the introduction to Redbone! I listened to all of the songs and loved them.


    PS - Thanks for your comment on "Friends." I value your input.

  2. {cj ~ I've been thinking about you! My computers been out and the chook man just got it upbooted. Your Welcome.