Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Restaurant Supply store

 The Turkish Mother loaded Me up with Birthday Monopoly Money
I promptly got out of jail and headed to the Restaurant Supply store.

I coOk....a Lot!
I LoVe it and these will make me LoVe it more.

The Restaurant Supply store has all this great stuff for less
than even Wally World.

A Pastry mixer
A Dough scraper
A Spatula
A new set of Measuring Spoons
A new set of Ramekin cups
A new set of CoOkie ShEEts
{the big one has Turkish Cookies written all over it!}

and the piece de resistahhhance ~ a freakin Lemon Zester.
Not just any Lemon Zester either; a FAAAANCY Lemon Zester.
It makes little shreds! not just a scrappy mess.

ALL this and I only spent half of my money, like 30 bucks.

My kitchen just got a little bit happier....
I'm already planning on going back and restock my regular~cause~we~are~adults~and~can't~live~off~paper~plates~anymore dishes!

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