Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stephanie Plum Series

An action packed,
hilariously good series.

Stephanie Plum by Evanovich.
I was hoOked from the first boOk.

Evanovich does a grand job of portraying the characters.
They are so believable, you'll think She's writing about your own family~
You really get a feel for their personalities.

There is much laughter hidden in these pages.
I read the whole series and was thrilled to find  out, 

Then I crashed and burned when I found out 

yep, sad to say....they went will all the wrong people.

Katherine Heigl ~ Stephanie Plum...........NOT.

Daniel Sunjata ~ Ranger...........NOT NOT, but HELL NOT!

Jason OMara ~ He might be just unfamous enough to pull it off, but he doesn't fit my idea of Morelli.

I truly feel this movie adaption would be way better off with unknowns, 
or somewhat unknowns to play the parts. 
Sunjata is too arrogant for the coolness of Ranger. 
I just can't picture Sunjata running around saying "Babe."   

I like Heigl, I do. Just not for this.  
Nope, uh uh. 
I hate when actresses have to "act" bad ass.
It's like watching a film where the soundtrack is off....

In boOkLand, many fans are voicing their opinion
that it's time Ms. Plum make a choice between
Morelli and Ranger.
That's the biggest downside of this storyline;
enough already, Pick One.

Get thee to the nearest Library, boOstore, or Amazon,
and score you the whole series.
With Spring Break, and Summer just a breath away,
this is my recommended great read.

Stephanie Plum series

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