Friday, March 9, 2012

Navitas Naturals Cacoa Paste

I happened upon
this luscious block of chocolate 
while we were shopping in Whole Paychecks,
I mean Whole Foods.
I immediately pounced on it. 
My fabo favo yogurt in the World
{intheWORLD, Craig! not just the city, theWORLD}
is Wallaby Down Under Dark Chocolate! LOVE it!
and I can prove how much I LoVe it
by how much I consume...
hey, it's better than a stack of Oreos!
At a little over a dollar a container,
it can get kind of expensive. 
Unfortunately, they don't make a big container. 
Also, Whole Foods tends to run
 out of it quite quickly.
After reading the ingredients,
I cyber~searched and found out 
that the paste is basically
the liqueur in solid form.

you see the Tigger~ish excitement
over finding it.
Copper bought it for me as a treat.

I bought a container of
Wallaby's regular yogurt
to experiment with. 
Really looking forward to that.
There is also a bunch
of recipes on Navitas' site.
I'm also excited
about the Beauty aspects of this cacoa. 
Talk about finding your Happy...

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