Sunday, March 4, 2012

Duncan Hines Frostings Creations ~ Orange Creme

 Every year The Blu Man creates a cake for his Day of Birth Celebratories.
He shares a birthday with Dr. Seuss, yes, yes he does,
so usually for his class, we would make 
White cake cupcakes with Blue Colored Vanilla Frosting.
{You know, Thing 1 & Thing 2}

This year he wanted
 half White cake and Half Chocolate
with Orange Frosting.
He was elated.
I wasn't.
All I could think was that no one would eat them.
How wrong I was.

Growing up, and occasionally still, 
I will find the Orange flavored canned frosting.
I like it. I always have.
Of course when I went shopping, 
they didn't.have it in stock,
they did have this awesome new stuff!

Duncan Hines has a new line called the Frostings Creations
and I am just SuperKala over this.

They hawk a "frosting starter" 
which is just Vanilla/White Frosting
then you've got Heaven to choose from.
You've got to check out these Flavors!

Make your cupcakes....
Using a Devils Food cake mix,
and a White cake mix,
Make the CupCakes per instructions on box.
I used the Egg White recipe for the White Cake.

Fill CupCake PaPers with a little less than half
of one flavor, and then top off with other flavor.
Bake and CooL completely.

Ready to Frost?
 Just mix 1 packet to 1 can 
and instantly jazz up any flavor cake.

We were making a lot of Cupcakes, so we used  4 boxes of cake mix.
I used 2 cans of the Frosting with the 2 packets
and honestly, next time, I would add a 3rd
for more flavor kick.

Only decide this AFTER doing the 1:1.
{flavors like Raspberry can get overwhelming pretty quick}

We used the Orange Creme.
I couldn't stop eating it.

The Classmates couldn't either.
This is the first time EvEr,
not only did EvEry kid take a cupcake,
EvEry one oohed, aahed, and ate it
while simultaneously saying how good it was.
EvEry bite, and cupcake.

well done, Blu!

 I can't wait to go grocery shopping next week
and pick up a couple more of these
most especially the:

* Chocolate Marshmallow
*White Chocolate Raspberry

Maybe Chocolate Marshmallow on a Red Velvet cake or German Chocolate
and a Chocolate Fudge cake withe the White Chocolate Raspberry.

excuse Me, while I go crank up Le Oooh~ven!


  1. Hi Kellyann
    love your blog! When I read your comment on Sarahs blog I assumed you were UK but hopping over to your place I can see quite clearly your not! I really like the bright and cheerful look. I feel happier just looking at your site!!
    Love Ruth in Western Australia

    1. {Ruth ~ Thank You so much! That was a verra LoVeLy thing to hear! I hope you stick around, at least come back and visit often.