Monday, March 5, 2012

Lips like SPriNg...

My second favorite time of year for Beauty SuPPLies is Spring
{Wynter is tops!}

On a trip to Sephora last week, 
I picked up these 2 new LipSticks.

You may or may not know, 
how I lament the passing of The 90s Lipstick, 
or 80s for that matter.
The luscious color saturated cream that never seem to go dull.
You could follow my trail by the BrightAss Pink Lipmarks 
that would put a paper trail to shame.

I am forever on the lookout for those elusive lipsticks.
Everything is some kind of "gloss" or version of it. 
Listen, if I wanted GLoSS,
I'd hit the Maybelline Kissing Potion ~ roll on BayBE!

I digress...

The first one is Make Up for Ever in #15. 
It is pure and simple, Violet.
I fell in LoVe with it the second I saw it.
It's a Pearly Violet and is a touch sheer,
 but has enough coverage 
that it is one grOovy Lipstick.
And it stands out too~
in a very Feminine Punk kind of way.
I really slathered it on to catch the
Violet hue.

This is definitely my Spring lip color.
Especially for a hot date with The Chook.

This next one is a Sephora Brand ~
Sephora Rouge in LoVe TesT.

This is fairly close to the Punk Pink
I used to wear in the 80s 
and the Dark Pinks of the 90s. 

When I tested it at the store,
it was a lipstick,
creamy with loads of color.

When I got home, the new one seemed much more sheer,
so I whacked off the tip, and got to the good stuff.
LoVe TesT is a great day lipstick. 

Both lipsticks seemed normal in all the other departments:

*Longevity ~ normal: Same as most other lipsticks

*Moisture ~ normal: Doesn't seem to dry out my lips

*Prices ~ normal:
 Make Up For Ever #15                  $19
 Sephora Rouge LoVe TesT            $12

I say, RoLL on in Spring,
make the World as pretty as I feel! 

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