Saturday, September 10, 2011

PrisciLLa's EaRThLy DeLighTs

 Hollycraft Rhinestone Tree BroOch

  My new excitement these days,
are vintage Yulemas Tree brooches.

After seeing a few in other searches,
and really building up an Affection for them.
I was like, Self, you need to check this out.

This is my first Tree,
It's, just Delicious.

There isn't anything to not like about this piece.
At any moment I just expect each one
of those jeweled Flowers to float off 
like tiny stars....
{Priscilla says: Get off the Cloud!}

The Sparkaliciousness is off the charts, too.
Which I hear,
is Good for catching Santa's attention...

Lauraab51 shop

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