Friday, September 2, 2011

My FaVoRiTe tOOLs ~ DriLLmaster MiNi Cut.oFF Saw

This gives new meaning to CHopCHop!!
In my never ending quest to find tools to help me create faster, 
yet more professionally, 
I found this cheeky little chopper at Harbour Freight 
{Harbour Freight hookers! Stuff my stockings!}

The only drawback is the cut width is only 3/4 inches 
which means I have to turn most of my pieces to cut all the way through.
With practice, the cut becomes a bit cleaner. 
I don't stress too much over it, 
due to the fact that Sanding will take care of the rough edges. 
The goal is to save time in the cutting department and it serves this purpose.

For about 25$
{and you can use the coupons online
if you order due to out of stock in store}
I do get my money's worth.

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