Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finger Paints STuNNiNg STiLLeTos Polish

This is the CooLest Grey I have seen.

I became interested in a Grey polish
after seeing an actress on tv wearing it.

After checking a few Bettie Bloggers reviews,
I picked Finger Paint's Stunning Stilletos 

The color is verra nice,
and I think it's because it doesn't go flat
when it dries.

It's Crisp.

I am proud to say,
that I was one of the few ChiCks in town
wearing Black polish back in the day
{the 80s Days to be precise}
I'm still a fan of Black polish,
now I like to reserve it for really specially Faaancy times;
This Grey is like Black takes a cozy holiday at home.
Take out instead of Night out.

The CoLor is also a nice day color,
pairing with simple silver jewelry.

Worth the try if you're looking for this shade.

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