Friday, September 16, 2011

Lucy Stone Mysteries by Leslie Meier

Whether it's the lazy days of Summer,
or the crawling into Fall
{and hopefully some cooler weather soon}
the Lucy Stone series is a nice way to spend the day.
One thing I really! like about this series
is that the timeline proceeds on a real time basis.
I hate when a writer spends twenty years
writing a book and only 5 have passed.

The Stone series
is a low key,
typical small town series,
with your typical small town characters,
as far as Murder Mysteries go.

Lots of soft humor, and real time mentions
of things happening at the time the story was written,
help carry the series. I found my Self thinking back to
what I was doing in my Life at that time.
Adds a dose of Reality.
Check out this series if you need a little down time
just to veg and tune out for a bit.


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