Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My FaVoRiTe tOOLs ~ Dremel Work Station

is da BomB!

How could I have not gotten this til now???
I've been running around
trying to figure out what power tools to get 
and with this one stand I can combine at least three of what I need: 

drill press

When working with smaller pieces,
especially Resin,
you need the smaller tools.
And you need to be able to have both hands free.
The mostest greatest thing is the
itty bitty tiny little holes 
that I can now place anywhere I want
using the smallest Drill Bit and the Dremel.

You get a clean, professional strike
{in Resin, you can see EVERY crack, drill mistake, and crevice}

I've been going through all my Old Pieces,
and trying out different things.

Next up,
is some work drilling GLaSS.
The goal is to be able to manipulate the GLaSS piece,
and hopefully minimize jumpage.

Ta to The Chook Man..MUAH!!!
{caused he'd rather have me at home, safe with my Toys,
than out chasing Thugs}

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