Monday, August 1, 2011

Tania Marmolejo

I discovered Ms. Marmolejo today, 
in the midst of my cyber~surfing;
a standout Art,
in the overwhelming sea of images.....
I was immediately SmiTTen

They are,
Seductive and Inviting.
Inducing within Me, a desire to leap into the
painting and be with her....

The Artist...
She inspires Me.

She is with Her work
where I want to be with Mine.
Her figures are Realistic 
with this Dreamy quality.
To render that in Paint and Pencil....

Her LoVe for Women
and their Beauty 
seems obvious to Me. 
I'm not a critic,
I just know what appeals to me.

I look at her art~
I want to spout Poetry....
I know no Poetry.
just sayin.

Not being prolific in this type of painting,
these types of prints always draw me in.....
{yes, yes I did}

Of course the Red paint is Lagniappe.
Here at home, Lagniappe is where it's at, 
the best part, 
a TreaT!

It looks to me like Cadmium Red Deep
BeStiLL my beating Heart.

Tania Marmolejo


  1. Thank you Kelly Ann! I'm so happy you liked. :)

  2. {Ms. Tania ~ I am honored! Thank you for such great work, and for letting me know you stopped by!