Monday, August 8, 2011

August ~ Leo The Lion

who tamed who?

Gold Lion ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs

These remind me of days and nights spent shopping
in the huge malls and stores in Kuwait
and the Bazaar in Turkey'
with their rows and rows of Bangles.
Gold, esp. these types of Bangles are
traditional in Turkey to give as wedding gifts.

Beat the heat with these Beauties ~
add a breezy Skirt
and Candlelight dinner,
you've got it made in the Shade.

 A perfect card to send
to A Some One..
also my favorite Summer flowers.

Back to School....

Varga Print

Mustard Suede Mary Janes ~ TheLovedOne

Daisy Card ~ NaturesNote

Robot Bag ~ CraftyRobot

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