Tuesday, October 23, 2012

HaLLoWeen Silicone Molds

These are the first Silicone Molds I have ever used.

The idea is beTTer than the actual outcome.
 I tried using buTTer and Oil for the molds.
 The buTTer just didn't work that well.
Apparently, you have to LIBERALLY douse with Oil 
to get a good release.

I did use the Golden BuTTer Cake Mix
which may have also been the problem.
It's a very thick, FLuFFy batter
which made it difficult to 
place in the molds
and to find a comfortable amount
of baTTer fiLLage.

I feel like it would have worked
mucho better if I had used 
a more fluid batter.

All in all,
I would try them again.

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