Tuesday, July 3, 2012

JuLy's FuLL moOn ~ Notions, Potions, & a bit of Magic with Salmon


Salmon ~ 
creating Harmony
with your Enviroment.

Last time, we cleansed our Chakras.
This time we are going to clean our Homes.
There is nothing more comforting than
coming home to a clean house
especially after a long day, long vacation,
or long journey.

Give your House a good cleaning.

Take a good cleansing bath for your Self.

Visualize the dirt and grime
washing away, both inner and outer.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Open all your windows


Light your candles
Start your music
Fire up your smudge stick.
These can get going pretty hot and heavy
so be verra careful!

Make sure you have a plate or bowl with you to catch the ashes
and then begin in what you consider your furthermost
 room from your front door.

Slowly walk in a circle around the whole room
Gently blow the smudge stick to puff up the smoke,
gently blow the smoke into closets and such...

In bedrooms, don't forget under the bed
in the bathrooms, don't forget the showers!

As you are smudging
it is helpful to chant, pray, sing, hum,
something positive.

"You can see clearly now the rain is gone..."

"Fire and smoke rising in the air,
negativity and evil you need beware.
For in this place you cannot be
for it is now cleansed and holy"

The smoke will be heavy,
don't worry.

Start at the doorway, 
walk around the room, from corner to corner
and move on to the next one.
Do each and every room like that.
We have an attic fan and I even utilize that
{verra verra carefully! watch the embers}
to smudge my attic!

You can customize your energy/chant for each room.

Bedroom for restful peaceful sleep or
love and passion {or both!}

Kitchen for great food and family friends gatherings.

As long as your words cleanse the negativity 
and then puts in the good energy!

I finish at my main doorway
blessing the doorway
 that only good positive energy may enter
and that those who pass through here may be safe.

I then set my smudge stick in it's pot and leave it
outside by the main door to burn its self out.

a bit of magic:

Salmon strive to return home after a long journey. Salmon people are home-loving, giving and sensitive. They are also very imaginative and sometimes moody. Their goal in life is to live in harmony with the environment.

A good house cleansing will help you become focused, intuitive and wholly creative. When your home and self are cleansed you can feel the electric vibes clearly.

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